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Buy Generic Rheumatrex Canada Pharmacies

Available Pricing for Rheumatrex


Buy Generic Rheumatrex Canada Pharmacies | Rheumatrex Canadian Pharmacies

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 2.5mg tablet$58.00
Generic 200 x 2.5mg tablet$104.40
Generic 300 x 2.5mg tablet$147.90
Generic 400 x 2.5mg tablet$185.60
Generic 500 x 2.5mg tablet$217.50
Generic 600 x 2.5mg tablet$261.00
Generic 700 x 2.5mg tablet$304.50
Generic 800 x 2.5mg tablet$348.00

Brand: [generic] | Canada | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 100 x 2.5mg tablet$120.14
Generic 200 x 2.5mg tablet$240.28
Generic 300 x 2.5mg tablet$360.42
Generic 400 x 2.5mg tablet$480.56
Generic 500 x 2.5mg tablet$600.70
Generic 600 x 2.5mg tablet$720.84
Generic 700 x 2.5mg tablet$840.98
Generic 800 x 2.5mg tablet$961.12

Brand: Neotrexate | World Brand | Mfg: GlaxoSmithKline

Neotrexate 100 x 2.5mg tablet$75.00
Neotrexate 200 x 2.5mg tablet$142.50
Neotrexate 300 x 2.5mg tablet$209.25
Neotrexate 400 x 2.5mg tablet$270.00
Neotrexate 500 x 2.5mg tablet$330.00
Neotrexate 600 x 2.5mg tablet$396.00
Neotrexate 700 x 2.5mg tablet$462.00
Neotrexate 800 x 2.5mg tablet$528.00


Buy Generic Rheumatrex Canada Pharmacies | Rheumatrex Canadian Pharmacies

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 30 x 5mg tablet$53.98
Generic 60 x 5mg tablet$64.57
Generic 90 x 5mg tablet$75.16
Generic 120 x 5mg tablet$85.74
Generic 150 x 5mg tablet$96.33
Generic 180 x 5mg tablet$106.91
Generic 210 x 5mg tablet$117.51
Generic 240 x 5mg tablet$128.08
Generic 270 x 5mg tablet$138.70
Generic 300 x 5mg tablet$149.25
Generic 330 x 5mg tablet$159.85
Generic 360 x 5mg tablet$170.43


Buy Generic Rheumatrex Canada Pharmacies | Rheumatrex Canadian Pharmacies
Generic 30 x 7.5mg tablet$54.70
Generic 60 x 7.5mg tablet$65.01
Generic 90 x 7.5mg tablet$75.31
Generic 120 x 7.5mg tablet$85.59
Generic 150 x 7.5mg tablet$95.92
Generic 180 x 7.5mg tablet$106.21
Generic 210 x 7.5mg tablet$116.52
Generic 240 x 7.5mg tablet$126.82
Generic 270 x 7.5mg tablet$137.11
Generic 300 x 7.5mg tablet$147.42
Generic 330 x 7.5mg tablet$157.71
Generic 360 x 7.5mg tablet$168.04


Buy Generic Rheumatrex Canada Pharmacies | Rheumatrex Canadian Pharmacies
Generic/Generic 30 x 15mg tablet$62.48
Generic/Generic 60 x 15mg tablet$80.71
Generic/Generic 90 x 15mg tablet$98.94
Generic/Generic 120 x 15mg tablet$117.17
Generic/Generic 150 x 15mg tablet$135.40
Generic/Generic 180 x 15mg tablet$153.64
Generic/Generic 210 x 15mg tablet$171.87
Generic/Generic 240 x 15mg tablet$190.10
Generic/Generic 270 x 15mg tablet$208.33
Generic/Generic 300 x 15mg tablet$226.56
Generic/Generic 330 x 15mg tablet$244.79
Generic/Generic 360 x 15mg tablet$263.02

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